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Welcome to the KSU CHSS ODE video library. On this page you will find many video tutorials for some of the instructional technologies we use at KSU, particularly in CHSS. To make a video full-screen, click the icon that looks like box corners in the bottom right corner of a video. The icon looks like the one to the left of this paragraph.

Need videos for students? Check out the student section below. If you don't find what you're looking for, let Tiffani Reardon know at, and she'll see what she can do.



Quality Matters

The QM Self Review Tool






The Faculty Four of Accessible Development


Requesting Captions from the DLC




Affordable Learning

Affordable Learning Georgia Library Resources: KSU


Affordable Learning Georgia Strategies: KSU



Softchalk Innovators 3/23




Affordable Learning Georgia Design Matters Web Event 3/22



OpenStax College Android App





D2L Brightspace

Creating and Managing Groups


How to Set Up Collaborate in Your D2L Section


Creating Rubrics



Intelligent Agents



Course Builder Tool



Discussion Boards



The Content Area



The Assignments Tool






D2L Gradebook - Points



D2L Gradebook - Weighted/Percentages



Benefits of the Question Library



Blackboard Collaborate

How to Set Up Collaborate in Your D2L Section





Hot Potatoes

Introduction to Hot Potatoes


Hot Potatoes - Quiz


Hot Potatoes - Styling



Hot Potatoes - Matching



Hot Potatoes - Crossword



Getting Hot Potatoes in D2L



Hot Potatoes - Gap Fills



Images with Hot Potatoes



Hex Codes with Hot Potatoes




Introduction to Micropoll






How to Use the Panopto Recorder on PC


How to Download the Panopto Recorder on PC


How to Upload your Panopto File into D2L



How to Download the Panopto Recorder for Mac




How to Record a Voiceover PowerPoint or Keynote using Panopto





Respondus Quiz Importer






Smore: Adding Events and Audio


Smore: Adding Forms and Videos


Smore: Sending, Sharing, and Embedding




Lesson 1


Lesson 2


Lesson 3



Lesson 4



Lesson 5



Lesson 6



Lesson 7



Lesson 8



Lesson 9



Student Help

VoiceThread for Students: How to Comment


Grademark for Students


Organizing KSU Student Email Accounts



Viewing Your Quiz Results



OpenStax College Android App



Using Adobe Reader to Effectively Use PDFs



Padlet for Students





VoiceThread 101: Accessing VT through D2L and Creating Your First VT


VoiceThread 102: Sharing Your VT with Students from within D2L


VoiceThread for Students: How to Comment



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