Requesting a New Course Shell

All courses except online

People request course shells for many reasons, but some of the common reasons are for course building purposes, activity or tool testing purposes, and departmental resource courses. To request a course shell for any reason (except if you are building an online course that will go through QM review), send an email from your KSU email address to and request a course shell. You will want to make sure to include the title of the shell in that email, as well. An example of a common hybrid course shell title might be "TCOM 2010 - Hybrid - treardo2." Usually, you will receive a reply within about a day or so letting you know that your shell has been created in D2L.

Online courses that will go through QM review

For online courses going through QM review that need a shell to build in, you will need to fill out the course review and request form through the Distance Learning Center. Before you fill out the form, make sure that you read all of the information preceding it, as there are some common errors and questions answered there. Please email Tiffani ( or Tammy ( for help.


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Last updated: July 2017