Professional Development Modules from Faculty Travels

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences funded several professional development proposals to support travel related to distance education (conference, training, or seminar). This support was offered to full-time CHSS faculty and was limited to qualified reimbursable expenses of a maximum of $1,500 for domestic or $3,000 for international travel. While not required, preference was given to faculty facilitating training or presenting on e-learning at the conference.

One requirement of those whose travel was funded was that they commit to the creation of an online module to share the information gained at the conference or training seminar with other faculty, due within 90 days of return from travel. The modules were to be self-contained and designed to function without a faculty moderator. These modules are used by the CHSS Office of Distance Education in training designed to advance the e-learning skills or CHSS faculty, and they are also posted on this page for use by any faculty interested in professional development for distance education.

Round 1 - Awarded Fall 2016, Completed Spring 2017

Daniel Farr - eLmL

Academic Integrity and Assessment Skills

Jeffrey Helms - eLmL

The Basics for the Online Instructor

Richard Hutchinson - American Sociological Association Conference

Teaching the IPCC: Incorporating Climate Science in Sociology in CHSS Courses

Round 2 - Awarded Spring 2017, Completed Fall 2017 (Modules Coming Soon)

Stephen Bartlett - DevLearn

Laura Beth Daws - DevLearn

"Boost" Learning in D2L

Emily Holler - DevLearn

Microlearning in Online Courses

Ulrike Ingram - OLC Accelerate

Meredith Ginn - DevLearn

Is There a Badge for That?

Noah McLaughlin - ACTFL Annual Convention and World Languages Expo

Video Communication in Your Online Course

Angela Nava - DevLearn

Finding the Right Fit

Ginny Zhan - Quality Matters Conference

Exploring Ways to Enhance Online Discussion

Round 3 - Awarded Fall 2017, Completed Spring 2018 (Modules Coming Soon)

Daniel Farr - eLmL

Ulrike Ingram - OLC Innovate

Amelia Lewis - Conference on e-Learning and Innovated Pedagogies

Language, Information, and New Technology

Griselda Thomas - Flexible Learning Association of New Zealand Conference

Tiffani Reardon - Open Education Global Conference

Anne Corbitt - AWP Conference and Book Fair

Process in the Online Classroom



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