KSU Resources from Awarded ALG Grants

Affordable Learning Georgia Textbook Transformation Grants are currently open for Round 12 proposals! The deadline is September 10, 2018.

This page is a repository for OER used and created by KSU faculty as a result of awarded ALG grants.

Data on ALG Impact on Students

Compiled Qualitative Data from Final Reports

Reardon, T. "Breaking the Stigma: Faculty and Student Perceptions and Experiences with OER." Open Education Global Conference Proceedings. April 2018.

KSU Students on Textbooks

KSU Faculty on OER

Round 1 - Spring 2015

NURS 4402 - Camille Payne and Rachel Myers

Grant Proposal

Grant Report

Research for Evidence Based Practice Materials

AADS 1102 - Seneca Vaught, Griselda Thomas, and Nikki Hill

Grant Proposal

Grant Report

Collected Materials

CSH 4630 - John Isenhour, Ophelia Santos, and Charles Marvil

Grant Proposal

Grant Report

(SPSU) MATH 2254 - Lake Ritter and Shangrong Deng

Grant Proposal

Grant Report

Selected Readings from Calculus: Late Transcendentals and APEX Calculus

(SPSU) IT 5302 - Guangzhi Zheng and Zhigang Li

Grant Proposal

Grant Report

Created Materials

Created Videos

(SPSU) CHEM 1211 - Lu Kang and Zhigang Li

Grant Proposal

Grant Report

Introductory Chemistry, v. 1.0

Round 2 - Summer 2015, Fall 2015, Spring 2016

CSE & IT Group - Lei Li, Rebecca Rutherford, Svetlana Pelstverger, Jack Zheng, Zhigang Li, Nancy Colyar

"Advanced Databases" Grant Information

"Business Intelligence" Grant Information

"Database Design and Applications" Grant Information

CSE 3153 "Database Systems" Materials

IT 4153 "Advanced Database" Materials

IT 4713 "Business Intelligence" Materials

IT 5433 "Database Design and Applications" Materials

Round 3 - Summer 2015 - Spring 2017

ASIA 1102 - Ginny Zhan, May Gao, Yumin Ao

"Introduction to Asian Cultures" Grant Information

TCOM 2010 and WRIT 3140 - Tamara Powell, Jonathan Arnett, Monique Logan, Cassandra Race, and Tiffani Reardon

"Technical Communication" Grant Information

Sexy Technical Communication

KSU 1111 - Carlton Usher and Linda Lyons

"Tomorrow's World Today" Grant Information

SOCI 1101 - Daniel Farr and Tiffani Reardon

"Introduction to Sociology" Grant Information

OpenStax Sociology 2e

Round 4 - Fall 2015-Spring 2017

PSYC 2000, 2300, and 3301 - Sharon Pearcey, Christopher Randall, Jen Willard, Beth Kirsner, Adrienne Williamson, and Tricia Mahaffey

"Science of Psychology" Grant Information

"Psychology Research Methods and Statistics" Grant Information

"Experimental Design and Analysis" Grant Information

Psychology Science Materials

Round 5 - Spring 2016-Spring 2017

IT 3503 and 6503 - Chi Zhang and Bob Brown

Grant Information

Foundations of Health Information Technology (IT 3503) Materials

Foundations of Health Information Technology (IT 6503) Materials

Round 8 - Spring 2017-Fall 2017

IT Group - Lei Li, Zhigang Li, Hossain Shahriar, Rebecca Rutherfoord, Svetlana Peltsverger, Dawn Tatum

IT 4843 "Ethical Hacking for Effective Defense" Grant Materials

IT 6833 "Wireless Security" Grant Materials

IT 6843 "Ethical Hacking: Network Security and Penetration Testing" Grant Materials

IT 6883 "Infrastructure Defense" Grant Materials

Round 9 - Summer 2017-Spring 2018

SOCI 2251 - Evelina Sterling and Daniel Farr

Grant Information

Open Textbook: Social Problems: Continuity and Change

ENGL 1101 and 1102 - Tiffani Reardon, Patrice Brown, Amelia Lewis, Bridget Doss, and Laura Howard

Grant Information

Open Comp-Owl-Sition

Round 10 - Fall 2017-Fall 2018

IT and CSE Group - Meng Han, Lei Li, Zhigang Li, Svetlana Peltsverger, Ming Yang, and Guangzhi Zheng

CSE 3203

IT 4323

IT 4833

IT 6203

IT 6823

Grant Proposal

MUSI Group - Jeffrey Yunek and Benjamin Wadsworth

MUSI 1111

MUSI 1112

MUSI 2111

MUSI 2112

Grant Proposal

CRJU 1101 - Daniel Farr and Angela Nava

Grant Proposal

IT 5302 - Guangzhi Zheng and Zhigang Li (Mini-Grant)

Grant Proposal



Round 11 - Spring 2018-Fall 2018

IT and CSE Group - Rebecca Rutherfoord, Rich Halstead-Nussloch, Dawn Tatum, Susan VandeVen, Jim Rutherfoord, and Zhigang Li

IT 3123

IT 3223

IT 4683

IT 4723

CSE 2300

Grant Proposal

GEOG 1101 and 1102 - Tiffani Reardon, Vanessa Slinger-Friedman, Jason Rhodes, and Ulrike Ingram

Grant Proposal

Open GEOG 1101 & 1102

ED Group - Charity Bryan, Jennifer Purcell, and Sandra Jones

HPE 3100

LDRS 3400

CSE 1301

Grant Proposal

COM 2020 - Lindsey Hand, Erin Ryan, and Karen Sichler

Grant Proposal

IT Group - Lei Li, Rebecca Rutherfoord, Svetlana Peltsverger, Rich Halstead-Nussloch, Guangzhi Zheng, and Zhigang Li

IT 6103

IT 6413

IT 6423

IT 6863

IT 7113

Grant Proposal

TCOM 2010 and WRIT 3140 - Tiffani Reardon, Tammy Powell, and Jennifer Nguyen (Mini-Grant)

Grant Proposal

Sexy Technical Communication Online

Sexy Technical Communication Low-Cost Print - Coming Soon


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