LSU SPH Workshop Handouts
man wth plans

Hot Potatoes (interactive games and self-graded quizzes)
Hot Potatoes for PC
Hot Potatoes for Mac

VoiceThread (discussions in the cloud)
How to Create a VoiceThread
Show Students How to Post on VoiceThread
If Your Students are Using VoiceThread on the Mac and Experience Difficulties, Share this Handout with Them.

man with a hand out

PBWiki (a wiki for group collaboration projects)
Creating a Wiki using PB Wiki
Handout for Students on Accessing an Instructor's PBWiki
Video for Students on How to use a Wiki

Lino (a site for organizing information)
How to Use Lino

Screen Capture Sites

Start Here Template

Plagiarism Resources
Plagiarism Slideshow
Quiz on Plagiarism Slideshow--can you make 100%?


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