According to CHSS Policy, courses due for re-review must successfully complete the re-review process in the same semester that they are due for re-review. To find out if you have a course coming up for re-review, click here:


To assist faculty in complying with this college-level policy, all courses up for re-review must be submitted for re-review before the end of the first month of the semester in which the re-review must be completed. That is, courses with a re-review date of Spring 2017 must be submitted for re-review by the end of January, 2017. Noncompliant courses will be disassociated from their faculty developers at the end of the semester in which the re-review is due. The faculty member will not be allowed to teach the course until has been submitted for a full KSU QM Peer Review and met standards.

The following tutorial has been created to help faculty quickly complete the submission process.

Helpful Information Before You Start

Please note that the new version of the QM Rubric (2015) has a new, essential (required) standard. Instructors must include links to the accessibility policies of all technologies/materials/sites required in the course.

Here are the common ones you may need to insert on the syllabus:

MS Office:

If you are using third-party software or having students look at any websites, you will also need to include the accessiblility policies for each one.

You can find the updated "Start Here" templates at the following links:

MS Word:


You may also need to update your course and module goals to ensure that they are verifiable:

Requesting a Re-Review

To get started, watch this quick video.

If you don't see anything above, click here:


After you have watched the video, have your course section name handy. You can find your course section name at the top of your course D2L section (see image below for example of what it is and where to find it).

course section name

Next, go to to request the review.

In response, you will receive two emails. They will look like the ones below.

Email 1:

first email you will get


Email 2:

second email you will get


Now you are ready to fill out the faculty developer worksheet.

Filling Out the Faculty Developer Worksheet

To see how to find the faculty developer worksheet, watch the video below.

If you can't see a video above, click here:


Before you start filling out this sheet, enter your course and copy and paste the course level objectives and two sets of module level objectives (any two sets from any two modules) into a Word Document. Save the document somewhere on your computer so that you can quickly access it. You will need it while you are filling out the worksheet.

To fill out the faculty developer worksheet, go to

Refer to the video above to locate and start filling out the worksheet.

Here is a cheat sheet in MS Word to assist you:


Submitting Your Worksheet

After you have successfully submitted the worksheet, you will get a confirmation:

confirmation screen showing you have successfully submitted

Make sure you see this screen before you exit and celebrate.

I hope you found this tutorial helpful, and best wishes for a fantastic re-review experience.

Tutorial created by Dr. Tamara Powell, August 6, 2015.