This page is dedicated to faculty getting a new course reviewed. If you are submitting for re-review, click here to read about the CHSS re-review policies.

Directions for CHSS Faculty Interested in Getting a New Online Course Approved

As a result of the collaboration between the Distance Learning Center and the Faculty Senate, faculty in CHSS (and all KSU Faculty) have three options for getting their online courses approved to teach at KSU.

Option One (Centralized Review): Submit the course to the DLC for a KSU QM Review.

Option Two (Centralized Review): Submit the course to the DLC for a KSU QM Review and select some review committee members based on various options provided.

Option Three (Decentralized Review): Submit to an internal (departmental) KSU QM Review.

If you are unsure which options are availabel to you, contact your departmental online coordinator (listed here) or your department chair.

Information from the DLC

Centralized Review (Option One): DLC assigned review of three available reviewers

Centralized Review (Option Two -- Choose Three of the Following):

-I request to serve as a self-reviewer on the review team

-I request an instructional designer to serve on the review time

-I request a departmental colleague*

-I request an adacemic discipline subject matter expert*

-I request a team of academic discipline subject matter experts (up to three)*

-I request a specific individual(s) based on my choices above (select up to three)*

The DLC will gladly reach out on your behalf to check the availability of your request. If individuals are not available based on your preferences, we will notify you to consider other availabel options or propose a timeline to meet the request. Requested reviewers are required to have completed the Applying the Quality Matters Rubric (APPQMR) training. The APPQMR is not required for the faculty developer to offer a self-review.

Decentralized Review (Option Three - Internal Department Review using the QM Rubric): If your department is participating in the one-year pilot program for departmental reviews, please see your department coordinator (listed here) for additional details. If you are unsure if Option Three is available, your department coordinator or chair will be able to provide additional detail.

Submitting your Course for KSU QM Review

To participate in Options 1 and 2, follow the directions here:

1. Fill out the "Distance Learning Course and Review Request" form, located here (this form is used to request course sections and begin any step of the course review process. The information you provide is necessary for course development tracking. If you choose Option 1 or 2, the information is entered into the QM system. This step generates a user name and password that allows you to use the QM system and proceed with the review process). By filling out this form, your infomration is entered into the QM system. You cannot proceed to the next step and enter the QM system until this form has been filled out. Once it has been filled out, you will received confirmation from "technology." If you need assistance in filling out this form, refer to this cheat sheet. After you receive the email confirmation, proceed to step two.

2. Fill out the faculty developer worksheet. Find the worksheet here. A cheat sheet to help you to fill out the worksheet is located here. You should receive a confirmation within 72 hours from when your course is submitted. If you do not, go back into the worksheet and make sure that you have clicked the "submit" button.

For Option 3, check with your online coordinator or department chair to find out how to proceed with the internal review in your department.

There are submission deadlines for each semester. Deadlines are listed here.

If you would like the CHSS ODE to pre-review your course, please give us five days to complete the pre-review.

Questions? Please contact Tammy Powell from the Help page.


Special thanks to Dr. James Cope and Ms. Judy Abbott of the DLC for their helpful additions.

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