Welcome to the Kennesaw State University College of Humanities and Social Sciences Office of Distance Education (KSU CHSS ODE) resources page. To learn what we can do for you, please watch our introductory video. Here are links to resources for faculty teaching with technology, particularly in the Kennesaw State University College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Accessibility at KSU

NEW! Building and Teaching Hybrids (BATH): A Microtraining

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CHSS ODE Video Library

CHSS QM Policies

CHSS QM Re-review Policies

Affordable Learning Georgia Website

KSU Library Resources for Affordable Learning

KSU Affordable Learning Strategies

Impressive Elearning Course Tours

Instructional Technology Tools


Language Tools


Antivirus Software

Work Smarter, Not Harder

OEB 2015

Introductory Psychology Videos

Islam in America Workshop

Plagiarism Resources

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Sexy Technical Communication Textbook

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San Juan and Aguilar

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General Faculty Resources

Check out our video library! - our video library includes video tutorials on D2L an other technologies, and a whole section for student tutorials!

Affordable Learning Georgia - AFG seeks to foster student success by providing affordable textbook alternatives and resources

KSU Library Resources for Affordable Learning - video about the different AFG and KSU

KSU Affordable Learning Strategies - video about KSU's affordable learning strategies

KSU Resources from Awarded ALG Grants

CHSS Quality Matters Policies - directions for CHSS faculty interested in getting a new online course approved

The One Stop Shop for KSU Policies and Procedures - link to this page in your course, and you will cover standards 1.3, some of 1.4 (you still need course policies), 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, and 7.4!

Commonly Used Technologies and Their Privacy and Accessibility Policies - look for the ones you use in your course and get the privacy and accessibility policies to meet standards 6.5 and 8.2!

CHSS Re-review Policies

Finding and Filling out the Faculty Developer Worksheet

Accessibility at KSU

Faculty Four of Accessible Development

Netiquette - faculty can link to this in their Start Here module to tell students about netiquette

Plagiarism - faculty can link to this in their Start Here module to tell students about plagiarism

Online Student Resources - faculty can link to this to cover most online student resources

"Start Here" Template (MS Word) - faculty can download this and edit to match their courses

"Start Here" Template (PowerPoint) - faculty can download this and edit to match their courses

Verifiable Verbs Chart - faculty can use this to choose verifiable verbs for their goals and objectives

Alignment Game - just for fun!

Impressive Elearning Course Tours - a blog full of course tour samples from KSU

Plagiarism Resources - a slideshow and quiz for faculty to use in their classes

Work Smarter, Not Harder - a schedule assignment for faculty to use in their classes; a good resource for getting students organized for an online class

Research Behind the Schedule Assignment - Dr. Tammy Powell and Dr. Solomon Negash

SoftChalk Schedule Assignment

Open Educational Resources Commons - video tips for teaching online

Professional Development Modules from Funded Travel

Antivirus Software


Spybot Search and Destroy


D2L Resources

Getting a New Course Shell

Adding a File to D2L

Adding a Picture to D2L and Adjusting the Size

Creating Checklists in D2L

D2L Quizzing

Creating Quizzes in D2L

Creating Random Quizzes in D2L

D2L Quizzing Cheat Sheet - provided by Meredith Ginn

Creating and Using Rubrics in D2L

Customizing Your D2L Homepage

Creating a D2L Banner in Photoshop CC

Creating a D2L Banner in Photoshop CS5.5

Putting Your Banner in D2L

How to Create an Important Links Widget in D2L

Blackboard Collaborate in D2L

Uploading Video to D2L

How to Embed a YouTube Video into a Discussion Post in D2L - for students

Copying Components from One Course to Another

D2L Video Tutorials

FAQ about D2L - provided by ITS


Intelligent Agents in D2L

Group Discussions and Assignments in D2L

Turnitin Feedback Studio - instructor tutorial

Turnitin Feedback Studio - student tutorial

Library Reading List Tool - provided by LibAnswers

Training and Support Materials - provided by ITS

Concourse Syllabus Tool

General Instructions

Departmental/Program Template Instructions

History & Philosophy Template Instructions


WRITE PROFESSIONAL MEMOS AND EMAILS. JOIN TAMMY AND TIFFANI AND LEARN ABOUT PROFESSIONAL CORRESPONDENCE. Want your workplace writing to make a positive impression? At the end of this course, you will be a more confident writer, able to create higher quality professional documents more quickly. In this project-based learning course, you will work on a continuous project, the writing of a professional email/memo. At the end of the course, you will write a clear and concise email/memo. The final product will be individualized to your professional endeavors and follow the guidelines for one of the common types of emails/memos explained in the course: directives, progress reports, incident reports, response to inquiries, and meeting minutes. You will gain a wealth of skills. You will learn about appropriate email/memo formats, common ways to organize email/memo contents, common email/memo routing protocols, and expectations upon writers in professional environments. Click here to take the course

Instructional Technology Resources

List of instructional tools for faculty

Test your tool knowledge here

Recording Lectures

Camtasia - for creating and editing video

Camtasia in D2L

Camtasia in Moodle

Getting Camtasia into D2L

Camtasia Video Tutorials - provided by TechSmith

Jing - screen capture software; good for images or video

Downloading and Using Jing

Still have videos in Panopto? See the tutorial below (under Panopto) for instructions on how to move those to MediaSpace.

Uploading Media to MediaSpace

Recording Media in MediaSpace

Captioning in MediaSpace

Video Quizzing in MediaSpace

Sharing Media from MediaSpace

Downloading Videos and Podcasts from MediaSpace

Problems embedding your MediaSpace videos?

Panopto - screen recording software, good for voice-over PowerPoints

Panopto is currently being phased out. To record new videos, please refer to MediaSpace, above. If you have videos currently stored on the Panopto server, please access the tutorial below to move them to MediaSpace by April 1, 2018.

Getting Panopto Videos into MediaSpace

Screencast-o-matic - screencasting website

How to Use Screencast-o-Matic


Making Media Aids (Images, Podcasts, and Videos)

EdPuzzle - customize YouTube and TedED videos to meet your needs

How to Make an EdPuzzle Lesson

Films on Demand - access documentaries and other videos paid for by KSU

Create a Playlist in Films on Demand

GoAnimate - create your own animated videos

How to Use GoAnimate


Podcasting - Sony ICD-PX333 (for checkout in CHSS ODE)

Podcasting for PC

Podcasting for Mac

PowerPoint 2013 - microsoft presentation tool; instructors can download Office 2013 from your software downloads

Getting fancy with PowerPoint 2013

Rules for Better PowerPoints

Prezi - online presentation tool

Getting Started with Prezi

Collaborating with Prezi

SnagIt - screen capture software

SnagIt tutorials - provided by TechSmith

TEDEd - build a lesson around TED Talk or YouTube videos

How to Use TEDEd

Vocaroo - online audio recorder

Voki - voice and video creations using avatars

Getting Started with Voki

Getting Voki into D2L


Facilitating Discussion and Collaboration

Blackboard Collaborate - online classroom tool that replaced Wimba in D2L

Video on how to set up Collaborate in your D2L section

Collaborate Quick Guide for the Presenter

Collaborate Quick Guide for Participants

Setting Up Blackboard Collaborate in D2L

Collaborate for Presenters in D2L - provided by ITS

Collaborate Ultra - the new and improved Blackboard Collaborate!

Collaborate Ultra for Instructors

Blogger - blogging website by Google

Getting Started with Blogger

How to Make a Post on Blogger

Lino - virtual sticky note discussion board tool

Getting Started with Lino

Padlet - virtual sticky note discussion board tool

Getting Started with Padlet

PB Works - collaboration platform

Getting Started with PB Works

Common Tasks in PBWorks

Handout for Students - how to get started with PB Wiki

QuickTopic - discussion board tool

How to Use QuickTopic


How to Create and Use a Twitter Account


Having problems posting on VoiceThread with your Mac?

Using VoiceThread in D2L

Adding Slides to a VoiceThread - Student Guide

How to Use VoiceThread to Share Files Securely

VoiceThread Video Tutorials


Making Quizzes and Exams

Hot Potatoes - self-grading quizzes; good way to create ungraded self-assessments

Downloading Hot Potatoes for PC

Creating Assessments in Hot Potatoes for PC

Putting Hot Potatoes in D2L

Using Hot Potatoes in Moodle

Hot Potatoes Video Tutorials

LearningApps - self-graded quizzes and activities

Getting Started with LearningApps

Creating a Multiple Choice Quiz with LearningApps

Creating a Matching Game with LearningApps

Respondus - a quicker way to create quizzes in D2L

Respondus Tutorial

Respondus and D2L - provided by ITS

Respondus File Format - full guide, provided by ITS

Respondus User Manual - provided by ITS

Respondus Template - provided by ITS

Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor - provided by ITS

Respondus and D2L - publishing to a D2L course, provided by Respondus (video)


Hosting and Organizing Course Content

Canvas - alternate (FREE!) learning management system

Canvas User Guides - provided by Canvas

Moodle - alternate (FREE!) KSU-supported learning management system

Getting to Know Moodle

Adding Content to Moodle Courses

SeaMonkey - web browser and WYSIWYG website builder

Downloading SeaMonkey in FireFox

Downloading SeaMonkey in Safari

Downloading SeaMonkey in Chrome

Downloading SeaMonkey in IE

SeaMonkey for PC

SeaMonkey for Mac

Smore - visually appealing newsletter tool

Smore Lesson

Creating a Smore Account

Creating a Smore

Smore Video Tutorials

SoftChalk - HTML lesson building software

Getting SoftChalk into D2L

Editing Softchalk in D2L (adding D2L quizzes to your SoftChalk module, for example)

SoftChalk Quick-Reference

SoftChalk Video Tutorials

SoftChalk Cloud and D2L Quick Guide - provided by ITS

SoftChalk Level 1 - provided by ITS

SoftChalk Level 2 - provided by ITS


Fun Stuff for your Courses

Kahoot - fun game tool for your classes; good for trivia

Step 1: Creating a Kahoot

Step 2: Launching and Playing a Kahoot

Step 3: Getting Results from Kahoot - generating an item analysis

Kahoot Lesson

How to Use Kahoot - provided by ITS

Make Beliefs Comix - free comic creator

How to Use Make Beliefs Comix

Poll Maker - free and easy-to-use poll tool

How to Use Poll Maker

Quandary - online simulations

How to Use Quandary

Quandary Shortcuts

Download Quandary - provided by Quandary

Quandary Tutorials - provided by Quandary

Twine - choose your own adventure!

Example of a Twine story - Zombies Attack! in French

Tutorial coming soon...


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